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Daily Mindset

Warm-up (No Measure)

“Attempt the impossible, in order to improve your work.” – Brian Tracey**

When we really think about it, that’s quite the statement.

“Attempt the impossible”.

To try something that the world tells us cannot be. Where failure, is all but guaranteed. Where every sign is telling us we’re going to fall flat on our face, in front of everyone, embarassed.

But then we again spend a moment in thought thinking about it. Even in the most outrageous attempts, where we essentially are promising ourselves defeat… something amazing happens. We learn.

It’s not trying things to fail – it’s trying things, to learn.

We know how the brain grows. It becomes better through stress. And if we live in the realm of comfort and confidence in everything we do, we cease to grow. We cease to improve. We’ve stagnated, and many would argue that stagnation is actually regression.

Brian Tracey urges us to attempt the impossible, to stretch ourselves. To push our growth. To play in the places that make us feel quite literally stupid. Well knowing we are going to face plant, and laugh at our attempt.

Because as much of a paradox as it seems, by feeling stupid, we become smarter.


Handstand Push-ups (5×7)


Hip Hop (Time)

For Time:

1 Mile Run

Directly Into…


Double Unders

AbMat Sit-ups

* If you consider yourself strong on the jump rope, really lean into the mile run

* See how fast you can go on the mile run and abmat sit-ups while still being able to cycle efficient double unders

* If you tend to struggle a little more on the rope, slow down the runs and sit-ups to really push the jump rope


* The beginning of “Annie” is really front loaded

* There are 180 reps in the rounds of 50 and 40

* There are only 120 reps in the round of 30, 20, and 10

* Use the descending rep scheme as an incentive to keep up the intensity as you move along