CrossFit WOD, August 10, 2019

Assault on DT

Daily Mindset
**"A fall into a ditch can make you wiser." – Chinese Proverb
A fall into a ditch is a little embarrassing. On a physical level however, pretty easy to recover from. Dust off, and carry on. A fall off a cliff however is… not so nice. Both are mistakes. But one is far more damaging than the other.

Rarely do we step off the cliff first. Before we approach that edge, chances are highly likely that we are going to fall into "ditches" several times along the way, acting as quiet, but real, warning signs. It becomes dangerous when these are ignored.

A cardinal rule of ours is to never waste our failures. These seemingly small mishaps are nature’s way of letting us know where to place our efforts. Where to learn from. But there’s a reason the quote above reads "can" make you wiser. It’s a choice to learn.

Assault on DT (Time)
5 Rounds:
200 Meter Run
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

Barbell: 135/95

* It’s all about consistency across the 5 rounds today
* Find a pace from the first round that you see yourself holding in rounds 3 and 4
* Use strategic breaks on the barbell to help you go bigger on each movement, especially on the hang power cleans and push jerks
* Just like with normal "DT", this means breaking with 1 rep to go on the deadlifts and cleans to ensure you can maintain large sets without having to do any extra reps

* This is the easier movement of the three, and also the easiest to break up
* Shoot for 2-3 Sets
* 2 Sets: 11-1
* 3 Sets: 6-5-1

* Shoot for 2-3 sets on the hang power cleans as well
* Less breaks means less extra deadlifts you have to perform
* 2 Sets: 8-1
* 3 Sets: 5-3-1

* Once the bar is on the shoulders, try to hold on for all 6 reps
* Having to break means having to perform extra power clean reps that don’t count towards the score
* 1 Set: 6

## RUN
* Run at a pace that you can replicate your plan on the barbell for all five rounds